The Noble Savage Story ...

... how it all began ...


We are a small team of free-thinking individuals – each with different mind-sets, ideas and different paths in life.

But we all have a shared passion – an attitude to life – that has united us for years and made us the good friends we are today.


We call this attitude “Noble Savage” and it describes the elegant but wild passion that beats in all our hearts.


The Noble Savage intuitively follows good values in life and is respectful to other humans and the natural environment. But in their heart burns a rebellious fire that drives them to follow their instincts, causing them if necessary to go against the stream.


The Noble Savage loves nature and freedom above all else.


At first glance “Noble” and “Savage” may seem to be contradictory but actually these terms accurately describe the modern symbiosis of the values within our generation. We are young, well educated, civilized, focused and responsible, we have our own style, follow good values and live life to the full … but we love to break out of these norms once in a while to taste freedom! 


These are the moments when we rush into the sea to catch a wave, when we climb a mountain or ski it down. When we are sitting around the campfire at the beach, mug of hot coffee in hand at dawn before a hiking tour or when we sink that last shot late at night before heading home from the bar – these are the times we feel life pulsating through our veins and the Noble Savage laughs within.


That’s what Noble Savage means to us and what has helped shape our brand ideas as we try to infuse this attitude to life into the style and design of our products. Our watches are beautiful timepieces that unite a minimalistic, simple and pure yet modern and contemporary design with the highest quality materials.


If you feel the Noble Savage within, love nature and freedom – wear your attitude with pride – with Noble Savage. #noblesavage #onfire



The Noble Savage team